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«Dreaming and acting based on your intuition will set you free»

           — Anna Canepa

Italian actress, model, dancer and singer born in Milan. At only 3 she starts taking ballet classes at the “Città di Pavia” dance school. At 11 she moves to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she acquires full command of the Spanish language. She starts training to enter the world of the performing arts by studying ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop and body language.

Back in Italy, after graduating from high school in 2019, she co-stars in the music video for the song “Formidabili quegli anni” by Italian singer and songwriter Roberto Vecchioni.

At 20 she moves to Madrid, ready to embark on her acting career at the Escuela de Interpretación “Central de Cine”. In the same year she collaborates with Bernard Hiller, a famous Acting Teacher in his Master Class of Performing Arts in Venice, Italy.


Madrid   |  Milano